Developing Hamilton through Social Enterprise and Strong Community Support


We help communities by supporting and also offering inclusive, innovative, accessible, education, housing and poverty reducing programming

About Us

Uncover Community Development is a social enterprise designed by Hamiltonians to support the amazing work done by our involved corporate partners and essential NFPs (Not For Profits) and other social enterprises.

Our goal is to ensure that every community in Hamilton is able to reduce the impact of poverty in each and every Ward. We believe in two principals: that Not For Profits and Charities require consistent and reliable funding from generous corporate partners/sponsors and that essential programming can be effectively offered through self supporting social enterprise.


We support communities in two critical ways. By working with our corporate, governmental and community partners we enable Not For Profits (NFPs) operating in Hamilton to best utilize their funding to create change in areas affected by poverty. By helping to locate, fundraise and allocate funds, our NFPs are able to devote their focus to what they do best: helping their communities rise out of poverty.

Additionally, by nurturing and supporting social enterprises, like ourselves we use corporate funds and government grants to create necessary programs that are self sustaining and involve the community.



Our process starts with a critical analysis beginsusing our expertise, and our understanding of the most recent and relevant research on best practices. Then we synthesize aour information with your own data, interviews with all relevant parties and community groups. After determining your needs together, we meet to make sure our vision and our fundraising plan for your NFP is truly right for you. As consultants, our job as a social enterprise is to work with everyone involved as a team to help develop a plan that accurately reflects the needs, wants and future you are envisioning for your NFP and community.




To create consistent and reliable funding through well chosen partners requires not just research but both short term and long-term planning. For corporations, this means choosing NFPs that reflect the values and goals of your company and for NFPs it means finding partners that understand what you are trying to accomplish for the community now and the future.

For the social enterprises, we focus heavily on balancing the vital work they do with also creating long term financial independence. Our social enterprises will provide their partners with a valuable social and economic investment. Our plans help social enterprises ensure that the social enterprises are able to set and reach goals that are attainable.



The release of your plan is just the our beginning. Our support extends the length of our partnerships. We are here to help our corporate partners maximise the benefit of their partnership with our NFPs. We are determined to make sure the funding each NFP receives is truly allowing them to perform the best work possible.

Helping social enterprises enter maturity and self sufficiency, is what our support is designed for. By supporting all relevant parties we ensure the best outcomes for everyone.


After School Programs

Education is one area that through social enterprise we can improve outcomes for students in all areas of our cities. Our after school programs aim to help build core skills, help develop productive habits, create positive relationships while also providing much needed nutritional support. Like all Uncover Community Projects, we will be working with community partners to create programming that meets each communities needs.

Affordable Housing

Hamilton cannot develop as a vibrant, successful city if its citizens cannot afford their basic necessities. Uncover Community Development, therefore, is committed to working with existing organizations, NFPs and developers to create as many affordable housing units as needed. Each affordable housing project is unique and we are more than happy to explore any opportunity in this realm.

The Team

Our team consists of dedicated Hamiltonians who believe that communities thrive through dynamic partnerships in both the corporate and NFP spheres. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to help improve the quality of life in the communities, they have the priviledge of working with.

How You Can Help Too

We are eager to work with corporate partners who can benefit from a partnership with one of our carefully chosen Not For Profits or social enterprises.  If your NFP or social enterprise could benefit from our development support and more consistent funding, we can help provide both of those things.  If you love Hamilton and want to make a difference we are always accepting volunteers because Hamilton will develop with the help of its own citizens.



Mailing Address

1430 Main St E,

Hamilton, ON

L8K 1C3


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